What is it?

EasyTerritory is the leading map-based application for territory management, sales and service productivity and spatial business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Excel.

Go Online or On-premises

Integrates with Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and Online.
Don't have Dynamics CRM? No problem, EasyTerritory supports Excel/CSV import and export. We also custom integrate with other CRM and ERP systems.

Top Benefits

Why customers use EasyTerritory

  • Centrally manage territories on an interactive map without leaving CRM*
  • Build territories from zipcodes, counties, states and other political boundaries
  • Import your own regional geographic datasets and pertinent business data
  • Manually realign territories with optimization tools
  • Map any entity with an address from Excel/CSV or CRM
  • Get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering and instant statistics
  • Partition, schedule and route service and sales activities
  • Collaborate via projects and share data on mobile devices
  • Cost-effective SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • No more MapPoint!!!
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How does it work?

See how Easy territory management can be!

Making Territory Management Easy For These Customers


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Annual Subscription:

*EasyTerritory Standard price includes Bing Maps licensing. The customer is responsible for Bing Maps licensing for Easy Territory Enterprise (price not included.) Address geocoding under EasyTerritory Standard is limited to 10,000 records per upload and 20,000 records per month per user.
The minimum number of users you can purchase is 5 for EasyTerritory Standrard and 10 for the Enterprise edition.
**There is a minimum purchase of 8 support hours for end-user and administrative training; setup and integration with Dynamics CRM; on-premises deployment support, and territory management best practice consulting. Additional support hours may be purchased at $145/hr.
***The cloud-hosted option of EasyTerritory Enterprise and EasyTerritory Standard is hosted by EasyTerritory in Microsoft's Azure cloud.